About Olmait

Rent development expertise with the help of Olmait. We connect you with expert level software development talent. We offer skilled developers, custom recruitment, flexible team sizes, direct communication, all-round support, a transparent business model and up to 70% in saving costs.


With Olmait, Israeli-Georgian cooperation, you hire Georgian top tech talent to add to your team. We’ll take care of the logistics - including extensive support - while you focus on getting work done.


You can build your team from scratch or hire additional workforce in only 2-6 weeks, choosing from talent with extensive experience in, among others, AI, Big Data, and more. By hiring through Olmait, you’ll save significant cost while getting the talent you need. Your developers will work in Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s an excellent opportunity to access high-level experts with ease. Georgia has an untapped pool of resources, a unique opportunity for international companies. Our 30+ employees operate from our offices in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Tbilisi.

Our Team

Talel Weisman

Partner, Co -CEO

Ioseb Khutsishvili

Partner, Co-CEO

Giorgi Jvaridze

Partner, CTO

Nizan Weisman

Partner, Chairman

David Khosroshvili


Levan Tsinadze

Partner, AI and ML Team Leader

Why Georgia

  • Access talent easily - Georgia is a relatively new technology hub. The first to join the tech scenery are the most brilliant, self-motivated people. They’ve started their profession with passion. Be among the first to get them! 


  • Decrease costs - the average wage in Georgia is low, and the developers’ wage expectations are lower than in Ukraine and in the rest of eastern Europe. The overall costs can be reduced by 60% to 70% compared to Israel, and 30% to 55% compared to Ukraine.


  • Grow with Georgia - Georgia currently counts 3K to 4K developers, but the country has not realized its full potential yet. The community is growing rapidly, come and grow with it.


  • Cultural similarities - Georgia’s history and culture offer distinct similarities to the west, and most of the young professionals are fluent in English, allowing effortless and smooth communications.


  • Quick and easy - with only a 2 to 3 hours flight from Europe and Israel, Georgia is located in a convenient time-zone and on a short flying distance.


  • An enjoyable work location - Georgia is known as an extremely friendly country, which shines through in their work environments and attitudes. With delicious food, stunning cultural heritage, and breathtaking nature, it’s the perfect place to take your in-house co-workers on a business trip.

Why Are We Here

  • Olmait stands for reliable and agile support. We’re in this industry, because of our passion for technology and our eagerness to learn. We love great products, and we love seeing great code come to life in exciting and innovative products.

  • We believe that your work environment, and the people you work with, are a critical factor in your well being. Establishing a relationship of cooperation, trust, honesty, and support with you is our top priority.

  • However, we also honestly believe in Georgia. This beautiful and welcoming country, with a rapidly growing community of talented technology-loving people, embodies its power in excellence. Moreover, it is here, where find the right fit for you. We continuously work with our pool of talent giving them opportunities to increase their expertise. By hiring through Olmait, you contribute directly to the economic and technological development of Georgia.

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