Get Developers

Having troubles finding skilled developers in-time or spending too much on their salaries? Tired of allocating precious time to the selection process, while you really want to focus on your product?

Olmait helps you scale your team effortlessly and cost-efficiently.

Stage 1

Tell us What You Need

You tell us what your needs are and we find the right candidates for you. No more endlessly searching to find the right fit.

Stage 2

Interview Candidates

Pick and choose the developers from the CVs we provide and interview the candidates you consider. You decide who you want to hire.

Stage 3

Take the Best

Your team, your decision. Hire the developers who fit your company’s culture most, with the right kind of skill-set and excellent quality.

Stage 4

Start Working

No time lost in endless bureaucracy, start working with your new developers the moment you decide. We take care of the rest.

You Get

Top Developers

Hire the best

Olmait offers excellent developers: skilled, motivated and knowledgeable

Custom Recruitment

Find the Right Fit

Customized recruiting process taking only 2 to 6 weeks

Effortless Recruiting

Save time and Stress

Stress free recruitment and retention with minimal bureaucracy

High Productivity

Manage Effectively

Flexible team sizes and direct communication with employees


Save Money

pricing:  flat monthly fee, cost saving up to 30%-70%

Peace of Mind

Work Pleasantly

An enjoyable work environment, for both your employees and you

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